RULE 10 - Penalty Enforcement

Section 1. Penalties Completed Offsetting Fouls—ARTICLE 4 Approved Ruling 10-1-4 I. On a Team A kickoff, Team B fouls before the untouched ball goes out of bounds between the goal lines. RULING: Offsetting fouls. Team A re-kicks at the previous spot. II. On a Team A kickoff from its 35-yard line, Team B fouls after the untouched ball goes out of bounds between the goal lines. RULING: Team B may elect a replay with Team A free-kicking at its 45-yard line. »

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RULE 9 - Conduct of Players and Others Subject to Rules

Section 1. Personal Fouls Striking Fouls and Tripping—ARTICLE 2 Approved Ruling 9-1-2 I. A player on defense sticks out his foot and trips an opponent. (a) The opponent is a wide receiver running a passing route. (b) The opponent is the ball carrier. RULING: (a) and (b) Personal foul, Tripping. Penalty—15 yards, automatic first down. II. A1, a ball carrier, strikes tackler B6 with his extended forearm just before being tackled. »

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RULE 8 - Scoring

Section 2. Touchdown How Scored—ARTICLE 1 Approved Ruling 8-2-1 I. Ball carrier A1, while attempting to score, strikes the pylon located on the right intersection of the goal line and sideline with his foot. He is carrying the ball in his right arm, which is extended over the sideline. RULING: Whether or not a touchdown is scored depends on the forward progress of the ball as related to the goal line when the ball becomes dead by rule (Rules 4-2-4-d and 5-1-3-a). »

RULE 7 - Snapping and Passing the Ball

Section 1. The Scrimmage Shift and False Start —ARTICLE 2 Approved Ruling 7-1-2 I. After a huddle or shift, all Team A players come to a stop and remain stationary for one second. Then, before the snap, two or more simultaneously change their positions. RULING: All 11 Team A players must again stop for one second before the snap, otherwise it is a live-ball foul at the snap for an illegal shift. »

RULE 6 - Kicks

Section 1. Free Kicks Free-Kick Formation—ARTICLE 2 Approved Ruling 6-1-2 I. The ball is kicked while teed illegally, punted on a kickoff or kicked from a spot between the hash mark and the nearer sideline. RULING: Illegal kick. Dead-ball foul. Penalty—Five yards from the succeeding spot (Rule 2-16-1-b). II. Kicker A11 places the ball on the tee in the center of the field for a free kick with four teammates to the left side of the ball and six teammates to the right side of the ball. »

RULE 5 - Series of Downs, Line to Gain

Section 1. A Series: Started, Broken, Renewed Forward Progress—ARTICLE 3 Approved Ruling 5-1-3 I. Airborne A1 receives a legal forward pass one yard within the opponent’s end zone. As A1 receives the ball, he is contacted by B1 and first comes to the ground with the catch at the one-yard line, where the ball is declared dead. RULING: Touchdown (Rule 8-2-1- b). II. Airborne A1 receives a legal forward pass one yard within Team B’s end zone. »

RULE 4 - Ball in Play, Dead Ball, Out of Bounds

Section 1. Ball in Play—Dead Ball Live Ball Becomes Dead—ARTICLE 2 Approved Ruling 4-1-2 I. Fourth and 16 at the 50-yard line, Team A kicks. B1 clips on Team B’s 40-yard line, and B2 muffs the kick on the 25-yard line. While the ball is loose, an inadvertent whistle is sounded. RULING: If Team A accepts the penalty, penalize Team B from the 50-yard line. Team A’s ball, first and 10 on the 35-yard line. »

RULE 3 - Periods, Time Factors and Substitutions

Section 1. Start of Each Period Extra Periods—ARTICLE 3 Approved Ruling 3-1-3 I. Other than on the try, Team B scores a touchdown after intercepting a forward pass, intercepting or recovering a backward pass or fumble, or returning a blocked field goal attempt. RULING: Period and game are ended, and Team B is the winner. II. During the first possession series of a period, Team B intercepts a forward pass, or intercepts or recovers a fumble or a backward pass, and does not score a touchdown. »

RULE 2 - Definitions

Section 4. Catch, Recovery, Possession Catch, Interception, Recovery—ARTICLE 3 Approved Ruling 2-4-3 I. B1 attempts to catch a punt (no fair catch signal) that crosses the neutral zone, strikes his shoulder (a muff) and bounces into the air. The ball does not touch the ground. Airborne A1 receives the ball in flight and first returns to the ground out of bounds. RULING: Team B’s ball at the spot where the ball crossed the sideline. »

RULE 1 - The Game, Field, Players and Equipment

Section 3. The Ball Administration and Enforcement—ARTICLE 2 Approved Ruling 1-3-2 I. On fourth down, kicker A1 enters the field with an approved game ball and asks the referee to substitute it for the ball used during the previous down. RULING: Substitution of the ball is not permitted. Section 4. Players and Playing Equipment Players’ Numbering—ARTICLE 2 Approved Ruling 1-4-2 I. The Team A player who started the game wearing jersey number 77 enters the game wearing number 88. »