Major Rules Changes for 2016 and 2017

The numbers and letters in the left column refer to rule, section and article, respectively. Changed or altered items are identified in the rules by a shaded background, unless the change results in the deletion of the entire segment containing the change.


1-2-1 — Access for TV partners between limit lines and sidelines 1-4-11 — Technology for coaches in press box and locker room (2017) 2-16-10 — Scrimmage kick formation clarified 2-27-14 — Sliding ball carrier added as a defenseless player 3-3-3 — Default outcome of a suspended game 3-3-7 — Coach’s option for one full timeout per half in TV game 3-4-3 — Starting of game clock in last two minutes of half after a foul 9-1-2-c — Tripping against any opponent illegal 9-1-6 — Blocking below the waist clarified 9-1-6-a — Low-blocking zone eliminated 9-1-9-b — Low hits against the passer clarified 9-2-6 — Coach ejected after second unsportsmanlike conduct foul 12-3-5 — Instant replay: Review of targeting fouls 12-3-6-f — Instant replay: Stoppage at initiation of medical observer

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