SECTION 11. Fumble, Muff; Batting and Touching the Ball; Blocking a Kick


ARTICLE 1. To fumble the ball is to lose player possession by any act other than passing, kicking or successful handing (A.R. 2-19-2-I and A.R. 4-1-3- I). The status of the ball is a fumble.



To muff the ball is to make an unsuccessful attempt to catch or recover a ball that is touched in the attempt. Muffing the ball does not change its status.



Batting the ball is intentionally striking it or intentionally changing its direction with the hand(s) or arm(s). When in question, the ball is accidentally touched rather than batted. Batting the ball does not change its status.



  1. Touching a ball not in player possession denotes any contact with the ball. It may be intentional or unintentional, and it always precedes possession and control.

  2. Intentional touching is deliberate or intended touching.

  3. Forced touching results when a player’s contact with the ball is due to (i) an opponent blocking him into it, or (ii) the ball being batted or illegally kicked into him by an opponent. If the touching is forced the player in question has not touched the ball by rule. (Rules 6-1-4 and 6-3-4)

  4. When in question, a ball has not been touched on a kick or forward pass.

Blocking a Scrimmage Kick

ARTICLE 5. Blocking a scrimmage kick is touching the kicked ball by an opponent of the kicking team in an attempt to prevent the ball from crossing the neutral zone (Rule 6-3-1-b).

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